Tuesday, August 4, 2009

December Daily photos

I've been working on a slight blog re-design these past couple of days. I almost switched over to typepad for the three column look, but then I found a really cool website that had this awesome tutorial for html coding. Also, notice that I have become an affiliate for Borrowlenses.com Please click the link on the top, right column to check out what an awesome rental company they are! Anytime you need camera gear, rent, don't go buy until you've tested it thoroughly.

The weather has been warming up a bit here and its not a moment too soon! I am so happy to see the sun when I come home from work. And finally, I found a little time to edit the photos I took weeks ago of my finished December Daily project from this past year. I'll share a few favorites. You may find the rest on my flickr account here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Melissa said...

Love the new look on the blog!! And I LOVED your December Daily!!

Have a great week!

Nat said...

Uhh- love the new do! And love your DD!

danilouwho said...

Awesome blog look - it's always nice to refresh your layout once in awhile. I have done it way too often lately, lol, but oh well.

Your December Daily project is so neat - I never seem to follow through with projects like that!

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