Monday, February 9, 2009

The Taco Truck & Pool

Friday night was incredibly fun. It is always so much fun when we hang out with Kristi and the group. It was even more special because Sandy & Nick drove 2 hours to come hang out with us at a taco truck. ;) It was a few steps higher than that but Sandy was not impressed. The best Mexican food comes from little hole in the wall places.

I learned how to play pool, sorta. I don't hold the cue right according to Sandy & Dan. So I like to wrap my fingers around it like some intricate weave, I still sunk a few balls and I was on the winning team. I took a few photos and here is my favorite of Kristi playing.
And the group shot:I spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday working so the rest of my weekend was laid back and quiet. I was turning off lights and on my way to bed last night when I noticed how incredible the clouds were with the moonlight on them. I was super tired but suddenly inspired enough to get out my D70 & gorillapod to try capturing the beauty. Here is the view from the kitchen.
And on a photographic note, my business cards arrived. I am really excited to have some updated business cards with lots of different photos on them. I ordered them through Moo, which I found through flickr. I ordered the 100% recycled paper and I love them to bits.
I finally have my entire iPhoto library imported into Adobe Lightroom 2, which means I can say goodbye to iPhoto. I couldn't be happier with how much faster editing, keywording, and retouching goes in that program. And it doesn't quit because it has over 38,500 photos in it! I will be focusing on organizing photos for the next few weeks until I'm all caught up. I spent a bit of my Sunday afternoon cleaning up my flickr account and it felt so good. Yes, I'm still on my cleaning kick! Off to do Flash homework!


Kristi said...

I'm so happy you were there on Friday! That group pic rocks my socks off! LOL. Love the picture of the clouds, what an amazing view. That's the reason peeps live in Pacifica. Can't wait to see the rest!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

such fun photos esp. the group photo! mmmmhhhh - mexican.....I miss it badly here!

dani said...

I stink at pool, I just have no coordination with it! looks like you had fun though!
that's so cool about the moo cards!

Anonymous said...

LOve the business cards! They are just so awesome and unique!!! said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates iPhoto!

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