Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I haven't shared much this week because I started my spring cleaning a little early. I don't limit it to just my room. My computer has pictures on at least 5 different hard drives and it is irritating trying to find photos. I went out yesterday and purchased a 1TB internal hard drive by Western Digital. It is oh so pretty! Dan helped me install and transfer files yesterday. I can't believe how much space my stuff takes up. I think I'm nearing 3TB worth of space. Of course I'm hoping to use my external hard drive for time machine instead of storage. YAY!

Enough nerd talk. Well maybe just for today. I also wrangled a huge ink cartridge explosion inside my printer. I had ink ALL over my hands and it was far from pretty. I caught up on my flash homework on Monday evening. I went to visit my Grandma and bring my mom back home. Family has been visiting to keep tabs on her. She's healing slowly but surely. Wednesday I made a mess while making this:So I blame scrapbooking for kicking me into my spring cleaning mode. And the fact that I needed to open my computer to put the hard drive in. I wanted everything to be nice and clean. So today I've been going through my prints and purging. You wouldn't believe the amount of pictures I have! I also found time to print in the darkroom at Skyline last night. I just love the smell of stop bath on my hands. Call me crazy.

Also, Happy belated Birthday to Kristi! Her birthday was yesterday, but a bunch of us are getting together tonight to celebrate and have fun. Hope you enjoy your weekend.


Unknown said...

Hey girl!! I totally know what you mean. We have been cleaning our apt from top to bottom the last couple of weeks! I guess we are all trying to get Spring time here as soon as possible! haha
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Go girl- LOL. I love spring cleaning too - but as there is no sign of spring here yet...puhhhhaaahh - no cleaning- LOL

Kristi said...

Look at my shout out! Thanks so much for comin' out last night! And, aren't we thrilled for getting our scrap stuff purged?! Suzi's going to have the sales quarterly so get ready!!!

Unknown said...

Nerd Predicament #6...

Micayla said...

OOOH looks like you have a fun nice ahead of you.....hope you guys have a blast!!!
Loving the sneak too, cannot wait to see it!
Sounds like you are well so I wont ask if you are. Thanks for the comment, it is nice that people still pop by even though I dont update much!

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