Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scrap Mojo Challenge 14

Scrap Mojo Challenge #14 is up! The challenge is to recycle. I recycled paper and pictures from a lo I did about 2 years ago. The other part of the challenge is to use 5 items in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Before challenge:

After challenge:

Went to the new Century theater at Tanforan Mall last night. Dan & I were itching to see Iron Man after all of the great things we heard from friends. I have to admit that I'm not huge on comics or graphic novels. This movie was really well done! It is movies like these that really motivate me to hope that someday I might work on something so cool. The most exciting thing for me was to see the credits and find out that an acquaintance of mine had worked on it and he has a higher level job. Congrats to Colin!

My co-worker has this beautiful orchid in his window and I had to take a photo. I just love the reflection! This is an example of shallow depth of field.

That means the flower in the foreground is in focus and the background is out of focus. Depth of field is how focused the image is. You can change how much you want to blur or how much you want to be in focus by the distance you are from your subject, the type of lens you use, and the aperture you choose. If this has confused you (took me a while to figure it out), then you can read more on depth of field here.

The cool thing is that you don't need an SLR to play with depth of field. You can play with aperture priority setting to achieve cool results. If you look at your camera, look for A or AV to find aperture priority. Make sure that A is not Auto. You might have to go into a menu if its not on a button or nob.

What is an aperture? You'll just have to come back for my next post to find out!

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Donna. said...

You rocked the MOJO challenge! LOVE the new and improved layout!!!

Can't wait to see more of your AV pics.

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