Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Graduation Season!

Celebrated Kelly's graduation from college on Saturday. I'm so proud of everything she's accomplished. You're going places! I was the unofficial photographer of the event. Some of my faves from the afternoon:

Tiffany, Kelly, & Jenna at the party

Kelly's fam (left to right): Scott, Kelly, Barbara, & Steve

Kelly's lovely dress
Dan & I went to Marlon's birthday bash next. Needless to say, I barely took any photos since I was exhausted. We had a great evening hanging out with some friends from college. It had been a year since I'd seen Abe! We did take a few polaroid photos, so I'll add those later to the post. It was really cool to see Marlon's 1 week old apartment in Pacifica. His set up was pretty fun!

Sunday I met my family at La Lanterna, a little Italian restaurant in San Mateo when I go off work. It was nice seeing everyone, especially since Dominique just returned from LMU.


micayla said...

You are the offical party chick..............man you are always out, not that I am jealous or anything!! TEE HEE!
Love the pics and that dress is too cute!

Rachel said...

I love graduation season :)

I also really love your friends green dress. Absolutely adorable!!

Marie said...

That dress is beautiful!!! You always have something to do some place to go!

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