Sunday, January 23, 2011

San Francisco Vintage Paper Fair

Kelly & I both enjoy scrapbooking and paper, so we went to the San Francisco Fair Grounds to check out the Vintage Paper Fair on a Sunday afternoon.
 We spent hours looking through all kinds of sheet music, playing cards, postcards, and checks. It was really fun to see vintage bottle caps, marbles, and other collectibles too.
Postcards were organized by category and location. I was amused that one of the booths had drawings on the dividers. The "Indian" divider had a drawing of an arrow. It makes perfect sense that the "gun" divider had a drawing that looked like a hair dryer. 
The paper fair attracted a wide variety of people. It was fun to see all the different booths and the collectors that ran them.
We had a great time looking through old ephemera and I look forward to May when the paper fair returns to San Francisco.


Unknown said...

Oh that sounds fun! I wanna were the prices?

Michelle Clement said...

Omg - that sounds fabulous!! :) I wish we had a vintage paper fair - instead, I must dig for old photos & stamps at our local flea

Unknown said...

Omg that looks fun. Next time it's in town let me know. I want to come.

Unknown said...

This is great! specially for those whose hobby are collecting vintages items. thanks for the post.

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Melissa Mann said...

Oh, I would SO love to go to something like that!!

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