Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love gelato.

I took up making gelato because I couldn't find Riso or Rice pudding flavor anywhere in California. Rick Steves suggested going to Vivoli gelateria in Firenze (Florence, Italy) to taste Riso gelato. Ever since I tried that free sample I've had Riso on the mind. Searching high and low for the past two yeas has been an experience.
Tonight while out with my friends I had that wonderful Eureka moment in a cute place called Holy Gelato! It is an eclectic place that offers a very wide variety of merchandise. From humorous cards, lunch pails, and ceramic mugs to relaxing teas, jewelry, free trade clothing and deliciously odd flavors of gelato-this is definitely my new favorite place!
The staff is knowledgeable, extremely friendly and doesn't scrimp on the servings. The employee explained that the Jerry Rice pudding is a seasonal flavor that they offer only during winter. I was thrilled we had a craving for gelato during this cold spell.
Kudos to the gelato shop for having non dairy gelato! Doesn't it look delish?
After sampling the goat cheese flavor, I chose Charlie Brown's Nightmare and Jerry Rice Pudding. I couldn't help buying myself a pint of the Riso gelato to go. I had a fabulous night and look forward to going back to 9th Avenue in San Francisco to try more flavors.


Kristi said...

Ooooo, non dairy Gelato? I want to know where this place is!

Michelle Clement said...

Omg - yummy!! :) Looks like fun, there! I hope your holidays were lovely, Michelle! On our way home from the East Coast we had a stop over in SF - but we were marooned inside the airline

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