Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pier 39 & Musee Mechanique

I'm finally catching up on editing photos now that it gets dark so quickly. I wanted to share how I spent my birthday (back in September) since it was such a beautiful day in San Francisco! Dan & I took BART downtown to the Embarcadero. A beautiful farmers market was set up at the Ferry Building. We took the Muni F line (known for its historic street cars) to Pier 39.
We ate at our favorite restaurant Pier Market and had a very interesting character for a waitress. I love their place mats and how they give the history of the restaurant and Pier 39. We grabbed some salt water taffy and watched an amusing performer at the Crystal Geyser stage before walking to Pier 45 to Musee Mechanique. I heard about it from several people and after seeing a post from Allison, made it a priority to visit. How cool are their windows?My #1 reason for this outing was to take oodles of photo booth pictures. I was even more excited to find out that they are the original black & white photo booths from back in the day! There were plenty of other games (from back in the day) in the arcade that Dan & I played with.
We went to the container store so I could grab a green one of these:I loved Elise's idea and have plans to make my own mini using a set of photos that Dan created on Flickr while I was in Europe last Fall. I probably won't work on this until next year since I have so many other things that I need to start making as the holiday season is quickly approaching!

We stopped in at H&M too. I didn't find all that much but I think having Jenna there would have meant more $$ spent as well. I like the one in downtown SF so much better than the store near SFSU.

Back at my house, Jenna made me a beautiful cake topped with fruit loops. She learned that if you put them on in the morning that they are stale in the evening. ;) They still made the cake pretty. I was very tired after our long day but still had loads of fun catching up with my friends that could stop by for some dessert.


danilouwho said...

What an awesome birthday!!!

Dan said...

I'm still trying to use up the $83052897208937 in quarters you made me tote around :-P

Micayla said...

Looks like fun, it is Steves 30th in Nov so try to plan a little something special for him!

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