Saturday, October 24, 2009

Movies & Music now

Happy Friday! I've watched some fun and entertaining movies lately. Some of them are on the older side so I'm watching them from an adults perspective. I had seen some of them when they came out but my reaction is so different. I'm talking about Kindergarten Cop. Instead of focusing on the little kid whose father is a ob/gyn doctor, I decided that Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't all that cute when he was younger. I really enjoyed the story line and had completely forgotten most of it.
I watched Excess Baggage through Dan's On Demand and loved Alicia Silverstone. It seems that she was completely type cast. My parents rented Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and I'm guessing the movie was made so Matthew McConaughey could get paid to take off his shirt and be himself. It was mildly amusing and I'm so glad I didn't waste my money to see it in theaters. I must admit I loved he was a photographer shooting with a Nikon but I don't think it was an accurate portrayal of realistic income.Lisa loaned me the movie Observe and Report. I was warned ahead of time that it was a dark comedy but I don't think that prepared me enough. It was depressing and didn't really get "better" at any point. I suppose that was the purpose but considering Seth Rogen's track record with movies, this wasn't anywhere near his best.

I think dark comedies can be good, and Sunshine Cleaning pulled that off. I laughed a lot and it really makes you appreciate the life that you have. It did leave me wishing that they had explored more of a relationship with Amy Adams character & Clifton Collin's Jr. I really think there was more chemistry on screen then the writers saw.Vampire Diaries aired 7 weeks ago and I have been DVRing each episode. I found some time to catch up with the series this past weekend and I am completely hooked! I think the casting director did a much better job with the cast of Vampire Diaries, than the casting director for Twilight. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev are a beautiful onscreen couple and they make you feel their pain and anguish. I was disappointed that it was a rerun last night since I spent last weekend trying to catch up so I could watch this week. Any one else loving this new series?
I love the song Fireflies by Owl City and I'm considering purchasing the whole album. It sounds like from the 30 second snippets that it might be the same song over 14 times. It is very reminiscent of the Postal Service.My top 10 things right now:

1. Halloween decorations
2. planning hand made Xmas gifts
3. Vampire Diaries
4. Mashed potatoes
5. The song Fireflies by Owl City
6. car shopping
7. wearing my glasses
8. brown boots
9. shopping on etsy
10. celebrating birthdays


Melissa Mann said...

i haven't seen too many of those movies you listed...I always love reading other people's reviews of movies!

Kimmy said...

I said the exact same thing about owlcity. I thought it was death cab dude as well at first. I'm still in love with fireflies giving me hugs though. I really like the Vampire Diaries show too. Didn't at first, but I have to say that was the worst episode. xo xo

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