Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photo recap

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating your accomplishments.

I have a winner for the NSD gift certificate. The prize goes to redmom a.k.a. Lisa! Congrats!
Kristi & I are holding a DT call for the challenge blog Say It In Scrap. Head over to get all the details. The main stuff is that we are looking for 6 talented girls to scrap a page once a month (alternate) and help us brainstorm some new challenges. Submit your take on one of our previous challenges to the blog. Hope to see you trying out! The deadline is May 15th.

A few Friday's ago I met Courtenay, Kristi, Sandy, Marie, and Crystal at Picture Me Perfect. I love how welcoming Suzy is with all of her customers. We had an AMAZING time. We celebrated Sandy's birthday by grabbing some gelato a few doors down. I was super excited because I made bank on the most recent garage sale. I bought a ton of Hambly and then decided that I needed to fan all of my new Hambly out. I didn't buy all of this in one night. ;) Photo courtesy of Kristi.
Suzy took some goofy photos of us. I took out a D200 with an SB 800, along with a Nikon 14-24mm lens, and Nikon 10.5 fish that weekend.
I did this page for a Round Robin challenge last weekend (NSD) for Scrap Gal. I don't have a title for it and I think that its okay without one. If you are inspired with a title, let me know and I might change my mind.
I had a ton of fun lifting Chez and playing with some new Hambly. I discovered how difficult it is to photograph overlays when they are the main part of your page. I photographed this using my photo cube that I got for Christmas from Calumet. Saturday evening we drove to Sausalito for Joss's 60th birthday party. It was held at the Presidio Yacht club and it had a great view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Sunday night we relaxed and watched movies while eating pizza. I played with a fish eye lens of course.
Lately, work has been overwhelmingly busy. Lisa captured this moment of me being completely buried by boxes. Its great for the company and that makes me thrilled. We've been having record numbers lately. I can't wait until we move into our bigger building at the end of the month.
Wednesday was a chaotic day for me. After work I met one of the new owners of Borrow Lenses at O'Neill's in San Mateo. Then I drove to meet Dan's father's family at the Cheesecake Factory across the bay. Franchesco turned 15 so we had quite the celebration. After dinner, we went home and watched American Idol. It was so hard to believe that Adam was in the bottom two. WTF? We had cake at 11pm at night before passing out.
The next morning I drove to visit my grandma, and catch up with her. It was fun, but too brief. I headed into work and met a new co-worker and got trained in some greater aspects of the company. We got in a lot more new equipment and one of the lenses was a Nikon 600mm! Look how huge that is! We had way too much fun, goofing around and taking pictures with the new lens. Now its making its way through Alaska!
Kristi came to our house on Friday night. I was so glad that she came to us because of how long my week had been. I took out a D300 and the Nikon 14-24 lens again, along with a battery grip (MB-D10) for the weekend. I can't remember why they were pointing at each other but we had a fun, silly night. We were supposed to scrap but we didn't make a damn thing.
It was raining on Saturday morning when Dan & I met Lisa and her cousin Sara at Ocean Beach. We went in search of beach glass. We found two bigger pieces, and some beautiful sand dollars on the beach. I took a small sand dollar and left the rest for others to admire.
It wasn't a bust, because I had so much fun taking photos.
This one made me wish they were in a band so we could put this photo in a CD booklet or something.
Windblown Lisa & I:
Due to my hectic schedule, I had to step down from my design team position with Scrap Mojo. I'll be back with lots more photos soon. Thanks to those of you who still stop by.


Melissa said...

Love all the pictures!

redmom said...

YAY!! Thank you so much Michelle! What a great Mother's Day gift!! :)
I have to say that lens you're holding is massive, it's almost the same size as you!! Either that or you're a teeny tine widdle person! LOL

Nat said...

holy moly that lense is huuuuugeee- LOL. Thanks for the recap that was fun!!!

Momma Twitch said...

Awesome pictures! I can't belive how big that lens is!! And the boxes...that's a LOT of boxes! :)

Marie said...

Love all the pictures! I ll be at suzys again on the 29th wish you could come and hang out again.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, that lens is huge! haha

Love the latest layout...yellow is so my favorite color right now!

So sad to hear you had to step down from Mojo...we'll miss you! :)

Hope you're well,

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