Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Garden

I've been excited to see how well everyone's gardens are doing. All the photos on their blogs inspired me to share an update of how my mom's garden has grown recently. Last November I posted photos of her new potting area but they didn't really show how much detail.
If you look closely you can find a ton of owls. Our family friend & contractor, Jeff, crafted this beauty out of a lot of recycled materials that both my mom and him found. The wood paneling is made from our previous fence and the wire work is from screens that were purchased at a flea market. The counter tiling was purchased from a garage sale and the list goes on.
I spent a good deal of time in the garden on Sunday evening, photographing all the color and garden art. Some of my most favorite photos are from low angles. Some of these plants are taller than me and I'm 5'9"!
Here is the path to our front door. Our garden has a ton of color right now. I can't wait for the sunflowers to bloom. They are my most favorite flower.


Nat said...

Oh so so cool! I miss potting stores in Berkeley - I hauled a lot of stuff in recent years back home- LOL. But things for the deck would be a new cool idea :)

Misty said...

you are missing something! haha guess I should have been clearer. There was a derby and a hash. the theme of the hash was also derby, in hopes to encourage people to go to the derby after the hash.

Thanks for the fun comments!

Marie said...

beautiful!!! That potting area is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your Mom truly has a beautiful garden. Hope I get to see it this year.

Aunt Virginia

danilouwho said...

I've been getting so into gardening and trying to figure out if I can actually grow something!

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