Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hornblower Cruise

My work celebrated their 2 year anniversary back in May. Things were so hectic with employees on vacation and the overall busy season with our customers that we finally (late November) celebrated with a company wide Hornblower cruise in the San Francisco Bay. The brunch cruise left from Pier 3 at 11:30am.
We found it funny that Dan & Max were so well coordinated.
Brunch was great, but we had most fun goofing off and acting like tourists. I think we looked more like paparazzi than anything else.
Eva kindly took a photo of Dan & I as we passed by the interesting side of Alcatraz. Isn't hard to believe that I've never been to Alcatraz? I think I'll make it happen this coming summer for sure!
Dan was kind enough to capture the crew (minus Josh: traveling through Paris, oh darn) on our best behavior.
We took some goofier shots but I think the above photo looks much more professional. I'm so glad that Lisa organized this special day!

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