Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paramore @ The Warfield

Dan gave me tickets to see Paramore for my birthday. Their October concert was post-poned due to the lead singer Hayley having laryngitis. We went to the rescheduled concert, last Tuesday, November 10th. My favorite part of the night was right after we arrived. We ran into our friends Natalie & Mark, who are at nearly every concert we go to. Dan hadn't mentioned that they were going so I was quite surprised when we were walking up to our seats and ran into them.
We had fun chatting while waiting for the opening bands to finish playing. We got there a little late due to work and didn't feel like climbing over people to get to our seats in the dark.

I was most surprised that Hayley's hair wasn't orange, but blond. Their stage was beautiful. I had to squint to see what they had positioned in the frames-light bulbs. Sometimes they would light and pulse to the beat of the song.Their set list was perfect. Mostly fast paced songs with a few slower songs. One of my favorite things to do at a concert/event is to look around and see how many people are there. Isn't this incredible? I love that Paramore has so many great fans. Even more, I love how everyone is taking photos.
The Warfield is one of those venues that is absolutely beautiful inside. I cracked up that they mentioned how scary it is outside. San Francisco can be rather educational in that part, especially at night. I have two new songs that I've been listening to on repeat since the concert: Ignorance & Misguided Ghosts. I hadn't really listened to the new CD Brand New Eyes before the concert, but I'm completely in love with it after hearing it live.

Here we are riding BART home after the concert:


Micayla said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert, I have never heard of the may have to google them. Having a baby has totally removed me from the real world and all that goes on. My days are filled with play, mess and kids programmes and nights are getting caught up with chores and maybe a little scrapping but I wouldn't change a thing :)

Kristi said...

Yay for BART pics and concerts! I super love the Warfield; I think it's my second favorite venue. :)

Michelle said...

Hey, thanks for the Bubb Shnooks love on your blog, lovely girl! :) You're the best! And that concert looks like it was rad!! I'm jealous!! :) Hope your weekend was great!

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