Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winner, Pages, and Easter photos

Well I can't believe how quickly time is passing these days. It's hard to believe that it's practically May already. I have a ton to share! First, I want to announce the winner for the MME card kit. I used a random number generator and the winner is #2, MandieGirl! Congrats. Please contact me with your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I fell in love with Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel line the moment I saw it at Everything Scrapp'n. I have been meaning to scrapbook my photos from my Kauai trip in 2003 since I began scrapbooking in 2006. This paper was just perfect for my photos. If you have any summer photos you've been waiting to scrap, this paper is for you! And I love how distressed it is. To see my full post, check the ES blog.

Onto the rest... I just found the time to look through these past two weeks of photos and pick a few favorites for a quick update. Easter weekend was my first weekend to borrow equipment from my job and I was very excited that a Nikon D700 was available for me to test. Look for separate posts on how I like the cameras I try in the future.

I was so excited that I drove straight to Sutro Baths to shoot before the sun went down. I was using a Nikon 70-200 VR f/2.8 lens for this shot and what a wonderful lens that is! I was so lucky that it was such a beautiful evening too. Later that night, Kelly came over to visit and we goofed off looking at photos from her birthday and catching up. It had been a while since we had seen each other. Of course, we were lucky to hang out for a bit the following day at Lynne's Easter party (Saturday). The food is always so delicious. Here is a photos of us taken by Dan.
After a short visit, Dan & I went to our second party for the day. We headed to San Francisco for a lovely dinner at a family friends house in San Francisco. I found a favorite new salad of mine. I can't remember what its called, but it is spinach, apple, and candied walnut. YUM! I was very happy to have Pellegrino too.
We held the Easter party at our house on Sunday. Zena made really fun and colorful jello jigglers and jello jelly beans. I love these!
I took a TON of photos and thought I'd just share food because that's what I really want to talk about. Valerie brought her niece's pastry chef friend who helped her bake INCREDIBLE bread. It was gone before you could say oh yum! The table was so bright and filled with food. I love documenting little things like that. The holiday was wonderful and relaxing. We were surrounded with many loved ones.
The rest of that week was a bit of a blur. We shipped out a record number of boxes at work. I scrapped when I had time (I've already shared). Dan & I went for a walk on the beach in search of beach glass. I got my car back from the transmission shop! I'm really happy to have it back. I had my first shoot for a house being listed on the market shortly. It was such an incredible house and a great experience.

Friday night I borrowed a Canon 50D and then drove to this great ladies' house:
Managed to take the whole night making these ATC's for the Scrap Gal monogram swap.
I pretended to scrap and we lazed around a bit. Kristi took this really fun photo of Dan & I taking a break.
Saturday night we went out to buy My Spanish Coach for my Nintendo DS and ended up having dinner here. I devoured their Apple Harvest Chicken salad. Here is a photo of my mom's ever growing backyard garden:On Sunday, Jenny & Ken stopped by to hang out and chat while I created a quick layout. It was so much fun, I laughed until I fell on the floor. We call Ken "Moses" and he tells such great stories.

Monday night was so pleasant due to the heat wave that my mom and I decided to go for a walk on the beach, and we ran into Jenny & Ken. We had fun trying to search for beach glass in the fading light. Dan met us there and we had a very summery night. Photo by my mom. ;)
I have more to share from last weekend, but that will have to be for another post. Happy Hump Day!


MandieGirl said...

Thanks so much! :)

Rachel said...

I think I need to find a job like yours where I can rent great camera equipment!

Suz said...

Great photos. I love your moms yard

danilouwho said...

That line is so cute!! I love what you did with it!


How wonderful you are! I especially love the backyard photo and wat to see more! Thanks for giving me credit for my image!I LOVE YOU!

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