Monday, May 3, 2010

Week in the Life: Saturday & Sunday

I've been a busy bee and want to share the last of my photos from the last two days of my Week in the Life project.

Saturday morning started out with pancakes.
I ran some errands, returning a shirt to the mall. Dan & I met Jarid & Kristi at BART. As we were taking MUNI downtown, we saw a guy shoe shining with hand sanitizer!
We played tourist at Pier 39. Our favorite store is The Candy Baron. Gotta have our salt water taffy visit. I spied some cute seagull poop for sale. ;)
We let Jarid go wild and he was so fun to watch.
Musee Mechanique is now added to our stop whenever we are remotely close to it. I adore that place!
I spent my time sitting in this booth with a different combination of friends. The most we fit in there was 3 people. Next time my goal is to get a 4th in! Photo by Dan Corcoran.
Here are my photo booth strips from the day:
While strolling through Fisherman's Wharf we passed the break dancers (with the commentator), the silver/gold guys, and the bushman. The bushman is always a crowd favorite. He started out hanging out in a trashcan with a branch and grew to multiple branches in front of a trash can. The bushman is very obvious because there are large groups of people hanging around bursting into laughter every few minutes when he jumps out and frightens an unsuspecting stranger. And even better, he got Kristi! It was oh-so funny when she screamed!

One guy trying to exit the BART stall was so high, he kept trying to exit from the entrance stall. When he finally got through we were asked by a very drunk woman where the bus was that could take her to the next BART stop. Now that was a circular conversation!

I had a lazy rest of Saturday evening watching tv at Dan's house.
Sunday I started my day early at work. It was so warm outside I decided to wash my car on my lunch break. I'm not sure why I always get my car washed when its so hot outside. Those things can get quite uncomfortable.
The red spin wipers have always caught my interest.
Stopping at Trader Joe's has become a recent habit of mine. I enjoy their pesto pasta salad very much! I try to run errands on my break so I tend to eat at my desk if its quiet.
 I had a productive afternoon making listing packets. I just love the space behind my desk. It's great for spreading out all my scrapbook stuff too. ;)
These colorful stickers make my life so much easier. Gotta love them!
I spent the evening doing laundry and relaxing. I didn't take any photos of that since I was completely exhausted from all the photo taking this week.

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