Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life: Thursday & Friday

Thursday I woke, laid out my clothes for the day on my bed and then headed for the shower. Ever since Jessica introduced me to this cami, I've been wearing them under everything.
Crystal Springs Reservoir is one of the prettiest commutes a person could have! There is a scene in The Wedding Planner where they drive by this beautiful landscape.
Thursday I spent my lunch with my new co-worker, returning something at Target and then buying a few more pairs of nylons. I think going to Target more than once a week is just a very bad habit! Morgan bought a plant for Christine & Kari. He told me that he wanted to buy one for me but they didn't have any guliable plants at Home Depot. :D

I came home to find the porch painted a happy yellow. It's taken a few days to get used to but I really like the color and the beautiful glass all over too.
I spent a few minutes at home checking e-mail and changing. Then I met up with some friends at Lina Mar beach. We were going to grab some Taco Bell, but ended up having an impromptu photo shoot first. Thanks to Dan, this moment was captured:
I wish I had used fill flash on this shot. It is one of my faves from the beach that night.

This is my absolute favorite!!! Kristi & I goofing off for Dan and the camera.
Jenna joined us at Taco Bell and told us silly stories. Then we met up with some more friends at the local bowling alley. Apparently its super cheap after 9pm on Thursday!
Trying to get a little artsy with the colorful bowling balls and point of view. It's so funny, I really can't handle anything heavier than an 8 lb ball.
Jason managed to spell Kristi's name with a y and he ran out of space so my name read "Michell." I had so much fun. I even got two spares! I beat my usual score of 70 with an 89.
It was hard to leave, but I had to go to work Friday, so we said our goodbyes.

Friday morning was consumed with getting up early to start moving my small department to our new building. It didn't take me long to pack since I've only been there two weeks. I was very excited to have regularly sized desk.  Don't you love all of the plants on top of our fancy cubicles? I'll have to snap a photo of my desk on Monday, since this is my view sitting at my desk.
A bunch of my coworkersand I piled into the car to go to lunch together. I love that Christine got stuck in the middle of the backseat. They are always talking about how small she is!
Its was Rico's (the temp) last day, so 9 or 10 of us hung out at the local Chipotle.  I like the design of the water cups at Chipotle and how they say "H20 agua." I got a burrito in a bowl and asked for the tortilla on the side. :) Juice Squeeze is my replacement to soda these days. My favorite is Key Lime but my Trader Joe's doesn't carry that flavor.
The afternoon was rather hectic at work. I had a meeting that went long and then I ran around getting things processed before everyone left for their weekend. I met up with a few people from work at El Torrito for Happy Hour. We sat outside, which was nice until the sun went down and the wind picked up. The strawberry margarita I ordered was just a little too cold for that. It was nice meeting more people outside of my department and getting to know others better.

I drove home after the normal commute hour, which made the drive so very serene. This is my current favorite shirt!
I spent the rest of Friday night looking through photos from this week. After some editing, I joined Dan and played with Luigi for a bit. I watched a dark comedy, Away We Go. I was curious about it because John Krasinski from The Office is in it and the DVD artwork caught my eye. It's quite random and very quirky. I found myself laughing during some very awkward scenes. And I was excited that I recognized some of the soundtrack from Michelle's blog!

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