Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life: Monday

I'm joining Ali Edwards and trying to follow along with her project Week in the Life. I did my best to photograph today but I managed to forget my camera during lunch. A bunch of us ate outside at the lunch table and enjoyed the sun. I also picked up some prints at Costco for tonight's photo critique.

I'm in my second week at my new position and have spent quite a bit of time getting trained by Christine. I love my view of the orange files and her cute shoes each day!
I snapped a photo of myself on the way to class tonight. I make good use of waiting at stop lights. ;) I'm also thinking its time for a hair cut.

We have new & colorful signs in the parking lot that are clearly marked! Sometimes its the small things in life that make us happy.

There was a photo critique tonight in my Color Photography class. I'm an advanced student so I am able to pick the projects I want to work on. I really love my classmates and their honest opinions.
I got some great feedback on ways to narrow down my photos and on choosing the strongest photos possible. I am very inspired and can't wait to set up some new photo sessions. I am also excited for my new friend Patty. She wants to get into photographing models and I've offered to model for her first shoot. Just to help her get comfortable with directing.
This one is just for fun before bed! Photo by Bev Jacquemet.

1 comment:

Kristi said...

I love this! I hate you for having such great photos for your week in the life....I swear I always hate mine....lol.

BTW I feel like it's been forever since we talked, we need to get together!

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